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Simply put, Twelve31 helps companies grow.

We do that by focusing on creating relevant brands and customer experiences; driving accelerated growth strategies; and leveraging digital innovation.

Our team operates differently than other firms, blending insight, strategy and creativity with an optimistic yet pragmatic approach to help companies find new avenues for growth. We leverage our connections and resources, enabling us to bring the right people with the right experience together to solve current business challenges.

We’ve built our own companies, created solutions for a variety of industries, and our work has been utilized by millions of people.  We’ll work with you to define your goals, and create strategic pathways to meet them.

Everything begins with a story. This is ours.

The Twelve31 story is one of evolution.  With our roots grounded in investment banking, technology development, and entrepreneurship, the Twelve31 team has been involved in all aspects of the corporate development and growth process. 

From the early days of online advertising through the evolution of social networks and cross platform mobile applications to big data and artificial intelligence applications the team has built and deployed applications for both client and internal use. All of this in addition to the teams historical deployment of over $40MM in investment capital across more than 100 different businesses in their careers helping create thousands of jobs in multiple industries.

This unusual combination of talents has allowed us to create, grow, and exit innovative technology companies that touched many aspects of consumers lives.

Since the founding of Twelve31 in 2010 our internal team has built, grown, and exited leading consumer discount websites, national news and sports websites, while maintaining controlling investments in platform web hosting, CRM and ESP email marketing companies.

These unique experiences have allowed us to help companies reinvent themselves by offering a holistic perspective and approach to technology development, business strategy and exit or acquisition strategies.


The Foundation of Twelve31 Group