Unlocking value by embracing change.

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We act as an independent sponsor focused on acquiring businesses that are undergoing change in technology, strategy, operations or growth and can benefit from Twelve31’s technology, operational, and strategic approach.

We target companies with a defensible core business, technology adjustable products or services, sustainable revenues, established customer relationships, and that have reached a transition point in their life-cycle presenting an opportunity for transformation.

There is no “one type” of Twelve31 transaction – instead, we focus on situations where we can create value either through technology enhancement, our operating skills, or speed of execution.

Twelve31 maintains a focused acquisition strategy that has been driven by the firm’s background in operating and managing technology and internet businesses.

Twelve31 has a team of professionals that possess all of the core competencies of a traditional corporate management team. The firm has partner experts in sales & marketing, accounting & tax, facilities, finance, human resources, information technology and legal.

In structuring transactions, the firm’s strategy is oriented towards protecting its capital investment. As such, in many cases, the firm provides a solution to sellers by sharing upside participation in transactions.

The combination of operating skills, flexibility and certainty to close is at the heart of Twelve31’s success.