At Twelve31 Advisors we partner with SMB clients to successfully plan and execute the sale of their businesses.

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Twelve31 Advisors was established to fill a void in the market. The process of selling and buying a business in the SMB market has been cumbersome, time consuming, and inefficient.

To address the problem, we utilize technology, have eliminated inefficiencies, and draw on the depth of our expertise and curiosity. It is what makes us so successful at achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Twelve31 Advisors is a client centered, service driven SMB advisory firm that has streamlined the process of selling and buying businesses from beginning to end.

It’s not just our M&A advisory experience that our clients rely on to help them capitalize on opportunities. It’s our our ability to think different.

Our advisory teams combine industry experience with technology expertise and operations know-how. We understand your industry, its operations, and the technology foundation that will drive success in the future.