Great companies are built by mission-driven teams

We evaluate every major decision by asking a single question: Does this create value for the entrepreneurs we work with?

That’s what we look for when we get involved with a start up.  We prefer to be stakeholders in a small number of start ups each year, demonstrating our commitment to your team upfront and ongoing. These early days are also about more than just establishing product-market fit and building momentum for your funding round. They’re when you start making decisions about what you want to be – your business, your culture, your values – and begin putting those into practice.

We bring to bear our operational expertise, a focused group of hands-on entrepreneur advisers and a large, supportive community. We commit the time to help you move faster and scale bigger – whether it’s identifying and recruiting top talent, getting on a whiteboard to collaboratively solve what’s bugging you, or connecting you with a subject matter expert for the 30-minute conversation that saves two weeks of swirl.