Adventure meets ambition


In addition to our consultative practice we are involved in the acquisition and operations of SMB companies that are positioned to utilize technology to enhance operational growth.

To date we’ve launched, invested in, or with our partners acquired more than 30 companies that push the edge of innovation. 

We’ve built and partnered with a team of world-class engineers, designers, marketers, and investors who work together to provide these companies exceptional support on the road to success. 

Creating Value

Buy then Build


We look to acquire businesses that are undergoing change in technology, strategy, operations or growth and can benefit from Twelve31’s technology, operational, and strategic approach.

We target companies with a defensible core business, technology adjustable products or services, sustainable revenues, established customer relationships, and that have reached a transition point in their life-cycle presenting an opportunity for transformation.

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Founder Focused

Start Ups

Twelve31 Ventures invests in innovative and scalable business models for and together with our clients.

In line with our consulting and solutions business, we focus on strong business models and on investing consulting services and/or our solutions assets. Naturally, cash investments are also made to support the development of a venture.

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Search Funds

Twelve31 represents search fund making investments inn specific areas.

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